Neopaque Jacquard

Neopaque Jacquard



The best paints for your sneaker customizing from Jacquard Products.

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Use the best paints for your sneaker customizing.

Germany and EU Customers can buy Jacquard at


Anleitung / Instructions:
Farben mischen / Mixing Colors: Jacquard Neopaque comes in 13 and you can easily mix them to make any color you desire.
Creating Pastels: You can mix #589 Neopaque White into any other Neopaque color to create pastels. Try mixing in a little at first and then adding more if you want to increase the effect.

Increasing Transparency: You can increase the transparency of any color by adding #579 Flowable Extender to it. The more you add the more transparent the color will be.

Increasing Transparency & Flowability: You can increase both transparency and flowability by adding up to 25% water. This will give you more of a watercolor effect.

They also mix beautifully with Lumiere, Textile Colors, and Dye-Na-Flow.

Neopaque Colorless Extender is an excellent medium for Pearl Ex Powders. Adding Pearl Ex to the other Neopaque colors will result in a muted metallic effect due to the opaque nature of the paints.

Application: Jacquard Neopaque can be applied with brushes, stamp pads, squirt bottles, screenprint and airbrush. For airbrushing thin with water up to 25%.
Fixing: After drying, Jacquard Neopaque must be set with heat. There are several ways to do it:

Ironing: This is the best method. Use a dry iron and iron on the reverse side on the appropriate setting for the fabric.

Dryer: Have the dryer on as hot a temperature as the fabric will take for about 35 to 45 minutes.

Cleanup: Promptly clean all tools with warm water.

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